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If you are searching for the cost to tear off and replace your roof it depends on many different factors. A roof replacement can vary from simply stripping and replacing the shingles, plywood repair or replacement during a strip and replace or maybe you are considering switching from a shingle roof to a metal roof. And believe it or not, it doesn’t cost more for a metal roof!

No matter what the size of your home, the style of your roof or the preference of roof type, we offer free estimates to all of our customers. We understand you search Home Advisor and Angie’s List and even Thumbtack for price estimates. However, “what others have paid” are for their specific roof replacement. These estimates from others are not YOUR exact same roof layout and size. Think about it.

How many peaks do you have?

What is the amount of damage your roof has compared to theirs?

Do you have trees over your roof that caused damage or corrosion?

Do you need plywood replaced?

Are you interested in a top quality name brand shingle?

Do you want to know the different estimates for your different roof options (metal, shingle brand, and the color you would like)?

None of this is broken down in that list of “what others paid” and all have to do with your final quote.

If you want an honest estimate, personalized to your unique home and roof needs, call us and we will explain to you what we need to do in order to make your roof withstand the harsh Florida weather, the roof hazards you may have on your property and many hurricane seasons to come!

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